We at Dar Al Teeb take pride for having been in business for over four decades. In a close-knit community like Bahrain, well-kept family traditions are guarded as heirlooms hard to do without and harder to part with. Perfume is one such tradition that takes its place of pride in Arab culture. Dar Al Teeb by its well-earned right is a well-established, forerunner to the pearl Island and its extended neighbors alike. An establishment that grew from the family’s ‘hand-me-down’ wealth of ancestral skill and expertise, a pioneer and an exceptional one for Arabic ‘home-grown’ authenticity. Having earned the trust of our clientele we enjoy a reputation that has gained its strength and withstood the test of times.

Our specialty lies in personalizing products to match the subtle senses of the client. We have had clients who are our brand ambassadors and patronize our products for the customized care and quality service. It is needless to emphasize that our customers enjoy choice and standards both uncompromising. Our time-tested family business in Arabic perfume has made its mark overseas in the remotest regions from where our raw material is resourced. Originality that comes with relentlessness is our tried and trusted hallmark which has made a lasting impact, connoisseurs and corporates for whom Dar al Teeb is a sought after boutique where product meets personal choice.

Having served premium VVIP clients for special, made-to-order requests, Dar al Teeb stands out as the only perfumery that matches individualistic choices. Be it classic, traditional or an infusion of ‘east-meets-west’ Dar Al Teeb’s Eau de parfum has been a phenomenal to say the least.

As testified by time, our reputation of decades for Dhan-al-oud is believed to be ‘the premium’ second-to-none as vouched by Dar Al Teeb patrons. We believe in upholding our reputation without compromising on originality, authenticity and inimitability. Dhan-al-Oud is notably our investment to cherish the past, relish the present and augur the future.

Service with care has always been our goal as against selling an off-the-shelf stereo-type for the mass market. It is no exaggeration that we have always exceeded expectation in offering premium quality and service. Our boutique - ‘unique’ for its ambience where business is a relaxed affair – a penchant for product and service inimitable.

We would be delighted to make you our valued patron and look forward to an opportunity that will lead us on to a relationship to pride in and preserve for many decades to come.